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Restart Windows Explorer easily from your application!
Restart Windows Explorer easily from your application!

Restart Windows Explorer automatically with ShellDispenser-Dev

Restart Windows Explorer automatically

When you want to restart Windows Explorer, there are a few possibile ways; e.g.:

  • call the function "TerminateProcess";
  • shutting down the proces with Task Manager;
  • the "Turn off computer" dialog.

Al of these possibilities however have drawbacks; they are cumbersome, they are time-consuming, they cannot be integrated easily and/or they simply aren't the right way.  ShellDispenser-Dev on the other hand allows you to restart Explorer quickly and easily, from within many development environments!

ShellDispenser-Dev is a small component that will make restarting Windows Explorer that much easier.  Closing, starting and restarting Explorer can be done by just calling the appropriate functionality from within your project.  You can use ShellDispenser-Dev e.g. as a part of your installation procedure or as an integrated step in your namespace extension build process.

If restarting Explorer is a solution to your process' needs, then ShellDispenser-Dev is the component you have been looking for!

If you are looking for a regular Window application to restart Explorer, then ShellDispenser might fit your needs better.


Some benefits of ShellDispenser-Dev are:

  • Close, start and restart Explorer by calling a single function
  • Useable from all environments that allow for calling DLL functions
  • Freely redistributable with your own application
  • Close Explorer the proper way (that is not by brutely terminating the process)
  • All open Explorer folders can be re-opened when Explorer restarts
  • Explorer is closed in a safe way
  • Good on-line help support
  • Very small component size

Look at the on-line help of ShellDispenser-Dev for a complete overview of the characteristics.

Do you have a suggestion for the next release?  If so, send it to us via the support page.